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Our Stone Types – Quartz and Natural Stone Products

Anyone who wants to construct or modernise a home, hotel or office, would be looking for a beautiful and desirable interior and exterior finish using our natural stone products.

Marble and limestone adds character to any room as well as a luxurious look, which brings colour and warmth.


Marble is used heavily today in construction and interior design, and is quarried all over the world. read more

Granite is a durable material, which is very strong and therefore less susceptible to breaks and staining than marble and limestone. read more

Quartz worktops are very hard and durable, non-porous, and all Quartz products are easy to maintain and highly scratch resistant. read more

Usually specified for bathroom worktops, floor and wall cladding and internal flooring. read more

Mostly specified for fire places, kitchen and bathroom floors, as well as wall cladding. read more


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